Wednesday 3rd of October


Gallery | Art studio | Hof | exhibition opening | Thomas Köner | La Barca | video installation.

The German pioneering multimedia artist Thomas Köner (1965) will have exibition opening of his video work La Barca.

Exibition opening at Gallery and art studio HOF, Wendsday 3rd of October 2012 at 6 pm and is running until 31th of October. Árstígur 6 | 710-Seyðisfjörður.

Newly established Gallery and Art Studio, HOF, supports the Icelandic tradition of home galleries in the private surroundings of the multimedia artist Konrad Korabiewski. Its independent artistic profile offers a platform for exhibitions, concerts, venues and experiments by international and local artists. The gallery runs through all seasons and is open 24 hours a day.


Thursday 4th of October


Together with Skálar - Centre for Experimental Music and Sound Art, nomadenetappe - Kunst & Theorie initiated an exchange-project which in its first stage will bring a group of artists from Linz/Austria to a discarded fish factory located on the outskirts of Seyðisfjörðurs/Iceland. For a duration of approx. one week the artists, whose work mainly focuses on the medium sound, will work on site on various projects, resulting in a hybrid showcase of exhibition, live concerts, workshops and lectures taking place from October 4 - Oktober 7 2012.
In this context the rather trivial and offhand request ”repeat, please …“ – being the first message transmitted via the 1858 submerged first transatlantic submarine cable – functions both as a title of the exhibition and as a methodical instruction accompanying the artistic process. Most obviously repetition is inherent to scientific or artistic research for it is impossible to verify any hypothesis without employing repetition as the key-method of trial and experiment. However at the same time repetition alone cannot trigger new findings but must enhanced by a difference producing momentum in terms of constant modification of testing method and set-up. Every mode of research – or should we say: life? – is thus a paradoxical combination of both difference and repetition. Speaking of life in general: to a large extend our life consits of single actions that we continously reperform: every morning we get dressed, make coffee, drink it – daily routines and basic thoughts that after many repetitions are part of a realm shifting between reality and dream, present and past, interweaving memory with imagination… at this very intersection repetition becomes invention: instead of merely re-membering we are rather re-inventing how to get dress, to make coffee and to drink it. Hence memory, imagination and invention are inseperably entangeld.When it comes to art dealing with sound as means of expression some sort of ”a-priori difference“ seems to be intrinsically linked to repetition: even the a thousand times heard Acid Loop sounds different each time because it hardly ever impinges upon exactly the same spatial conditions twice. The concept of repetition in its above briefly outlined complexity is the starting point for several works and projects either brought along or yet to be realized by the austrian artists at Skálar. With:

Wolfgang Dorniger (AT), ekw 14,90 (AT) [Marlies Stöger, André Tschinder, Moke Klengel, Christoph Rath], Ewald Elmecker (AT), faxen (AT) [Clemens Mairhofer, Lukas Norer, Sebastian Six], Wolfgang Fuchs (AT), Reinhard Gupfinger (AT), Andreas Kurz (AT), Katharina Loidl (AT), Sandra Li Lian Obwegeser (AT), Doris Prlic (AT), Christian Stefaner-Schmid (AT), Enrique Tomás (ES), Thus&Hence (AT/DE) [Jakob Dietrich, Kai Maier-Rothe], Andre Zogholy (AT)

Exhibition opening at Skálar, 4 th October 6 PM und runs untill. - 7th. October 2012, Opening hours: 12:00 - 21:00

and more:

21:00 (place: Herðubreið Cinema)
Screening. World Music: Magnús Blöndal Jóhannsson, documentary movie by Ari Alexendar Ergis Magnusson (IS).